making your house a home

making your house a home

  • Window Treatment Staging When Selling A Home

    Selling a home comes with a lot of questions. One of the most common questions has to do with window treatments. When sellers leave their home, they often take with them things like custom drapery. If there are blinds, they're often cracked or damaged and need to be replaced. So what should you do with the windows when you're staging the property for sale? Opening Up the Windows to Light

  • 3 Effective Control Measures For Dealing With Mice

    Finding mice in your precious home is never an ideal scenario. In addition to being crafty, mice can cause health problems if bitten. The best way to handle these rodents is to take these control measures immediately.  Identify and Seal Up Entry Points  The reason why mice keep getting into your home is probably because there are weak points around your property. These entry points need to be addressed immediately so that your mice problem doesn't continue to exist or even get worse.

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making your house a home

The place we call home should be just that - a home. You should feel nothing but comfort and peace when you are at home. The layout and the way that you decorate your home will have a significant impact on the level of comfort you experience. This blog will provide you with several tips that will help you create the most comfortable and inviting place to call home. By the time you reach the conclusion, you will have ideas swirling through your mind of what you will do to your home next to improve how it looks and feels.