making your house a home

making your house a home

Two Fun Projects Anyone Can Make With Upholstery Fabric

Alide Oortwijn

Most soft furniture is upholstered, meaning fabric is stretched over cushions and other materials to form a soft, beautiful place to rest. Upholstery fabric is uniquely suited for this job. It tends to be stiffer than other types of fabrics, which means it will hold up well over time. Upholstery fabric is sometimes treated with substances that make it easier to clean; since you can't throw it in the washing machine, people with children and pets often value upholstery that wipes clean.

However, there are actually many uses for upholstery fabric when you think outside the box. Whether you're a beginning crafter or an experienced sewing enthusiast, here are two projects you can make using upholstery fabrics.

Decorative Bulletin Board

If you have a hard time staying organized and you never remember to use a day planner, a bulletin board can be your best friend. You can pin reminders to yourself on the bulletin board using pushpins. Instead of buying an ordinary bulletin board, you can make your own decorative version using a corkboard and some upholstery fabric. Cut the upholstery fabric a few inches larger than your corkboard, leaving room to fold it over. You can use a staple gun to easily secure the fabric to the back of the corkboard. Add a hook for hanging purposes, and your decorative bulletin board is complete.

Throw Pillows

If you enjoy sewing, you can make beautiful throw pillows to decorate your couch and love seats. Depending on your taste, you can choose upholstery fabric that matches your furniture or you can pick a style that contrasts beautifully. Throw pillows are easy to make if you own a sewing machine. All you need to do is cut your fabric to the desired size and sew the two halves together. Make sure to leave room to turn the pillow inside out to hide the seams. You can fill your finished throw pillow with fiber filling, then carefully hand stitch the remaining opening closed. Use thread the same color as your upholstery fabric so your hand stitches aren't visible on the completed project.

When you're ready to start making some great things, visit a fabric store to pick up the fabrics you need. Fabric companies specialize in textiles, which means you'll find a greater selection there than at your local craft store. If you need help finding a fabric that's suitable for your particular project, the sales representatives can offer you their expert advice. For more information, contact a fabric company in your area.


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