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making your house a home

Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Your Cabinets When You Want A New Look For Your Kitchen

Alide Oortwijn

When you want to update the appearance of your kitchen, you probably want to do something about the cabinets. Buying new cabinets is a big investment, so if you like everything about your cabinets now except their appearance, consider ways to give them a fresh, new look. Here are some ideas.

Change The Cabinet Hardware

Putting on new hardware is a fairly easy DIY project, and it will update the appearance of your cabinets. Deep clean the cabinets to get rid of grease and dirt, and they could look like new again, except more modern with the new hardware.

Put On New Cabinet Doors

Hire a contractor that provides cabinet services to measure your cabinets for new doors, and then install the ones you choose. Trends change in cabinet doors, and you may want a modern look with glass doors if you keep your dishes tidy. Simply changing the style of cabinet doors can make it look like you have new cabinets, but you'll spend a lot less money on supplies and installation.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets gives them an entirely different look and will transform the appearance of your kitchen. This gives you the chance to switch from a natural wood or white color to something like green, blue, or gray. A new paint color along with new hardware makes it look like you have completely different cabinets, and using paint is a good way to get a look that's unique to your kitchen.

Refinish Your Cabinets

While you might be able to paint your cabinets yourself, refinishing them gives better results. This process is done by a professional and makes the cabinets look brand new. It involves sanding off the surface and applying a new coating, such as acrylic. Much of this work is done in a shop so you don't have to worry about fumes and dust from sanding. However, the contractor has to sand and finish the cabinets and frames that are still in your house. This process repairs scratches and other damage while making the appearance smooth and glossy, just like new.

Resurface The Cabinets

Resurfacing involves replacing the surface of your existing cabinets with laminate rather than paint or a coating. This allows you to change the color from wood to white or change the type of the wood. That's because a new skin is placed over the drawers and cabinet frames to achieve the look you want. Then, new cabinet doors are matched to the skins, and new hardware is chosen. As long as your cabinets are sturdy and in good shape, resurfacing transforms them into a like-new condition with the cabinet style and surface appearance you like.


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