making your house a home

making your house a home

  • Attractive Low-Maintenance Options To Update Your Backyard

    Your backyard provides you with an outdoor space to relax and enjoy during the warmer months, which you can build to suit your taste with outdoor seating and vegetation. Here are some ideas to add to your home and backyard to increase its appearance and reduce its maintenance for you to enjoy your time in your backyard. Install a Composite Deck When you want to spend time in your backyard hosting backyard cookouts and other parties, an attractive wood deck can provide a great gathering place.

  • 3 Mistakes You're Making With Your AC System

    Your home's air conditioning system keeps you and your family comfortable during the warm seasons, but it also maintains a healthy indoor air quality. Unfortunately, improper use and insufficient maintenance can affect the AC system's ability to cool your home in an effective and energy-efficient manner. Help is available using this guide on mistakes to avoid when using and maintaining your AC system. Not Replacing Filters During the creation and movement of cooled air, dirt, dust, and allergens are also moved through the ductwork and into the vents that allow the air to flow into your home.

  • Want To Start Growing Organic Plants? What To Know Before You Grow

    If you are looking to grow some specific types of plants and vegetables or fruit and you can't find the seeds for these items in your local home improvement stores, there are some other things to try. If you don't have a lot of experience with gardening or growing, or you usually buy items that are partially grown far out of the seedling stage, there are some things to know. Take your time to research the following to make sure that your seeds are a success, and that they are what you want.

  • Planning The Perfect Design For A Backyard Fire-Ring

    Having a space in your backyard where you can sit and relax around a crackling fire can be beneficial in a few ways, including stress relief, the ability to cook over an open fire, and entertainment purposes. If you're considering adding a fire ring to your backyard, you'll find a few tips that can help you with the planning and creation of a perfect space. Select the Size How large of an area do you plan to include in the layout of your fire ring?

  • Clean And Prepare A Patio For Dining And Entertainment

    The concrete patio that is attached to your Italian restaurant is an extension of your business that could prove to be profitable if you choose to use it as an outdoor dining and entertainment area this spring and summer. The tips below will assist with cleaning the patio and preparing it for outdoor activities.  Clean The Patio And Install An Awning And Foliage Purchase a liquid concrete cleanser and mix it with water, according to the steps that are printed on the cleanser bottle's packaging.

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making your house a home

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