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Mulch Has Many Uses In Your Yard

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Mulch may seem like a simple product, but it has a lot of uses. It can be used in landscaping to add a decorative touch. It can also keep weeds down in gardens and landscaping features. It can be used on children's playgrounds to act as a cushion. And finally, it can also act as a fertilizer as the mulch breaks into the soil. There are several kinds of mulch that you can choose from. 

Inorganic vs. Organic

The two most broad categories of mulch are organic and inorganic. Organic mulch is made of anything that grows or was growing at one point, such as leaves and grass clippings. Inorganic mulch includes things like black plastic and weed cloth. You may choose to choose one or the other, but it is common to use both inorganic and organic mulch at the same time. For example, black plastic can be laid down over a garden, and then organic mulch poured over the black plastic. You get more protection from weeds and better water retention that way. 


If you need to mulch your lawn because you have laid new sod or reseeded parts, straw can be a good choice. Straw is the leftover stems of grains when harvested and threshed. It is just the stem and should have absolutely no seeds on it. Straw and hay are often used interchangeably but are two different products. Hay is dried grasses, including seeds, and is given to animals to eat. Straw is bedding and has no nutritional value, making it perfect for mulch on your new lawn. It will break down relatively quickly as your lawn grows, so once it is done protecting your new lawn from destructive forces, it can help your lawn grow. 

Coconut Coir

This is the outer husk of the coconut. When coconuts get husked and peeled for their various uses, the husks would just get thrown away. However, they can be saved, shredded, and turned into mulch. Coconut coir is a renewable source, making it an environmentally friendly option. One concern with coconut coir is that it can be expensive, so you might not want to use it in large areas. 

If you need a lot of mulch in your yard, talk to a gardening supply or home improvement store. You may be able to arrange to get the mulch delivered to your home, so you get it all in one load.


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