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making your house a home

Protecting Your Home With The Installation Of Gutter Guards

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If you have a gutter system in place underneath your rooftop, you know the importance this tool provides in keeping your home free of excessive moisture. There are several reasons why the addition of a gutter guard boosts your home's protection level. Here are some points to keep in mind to aid in your decision regarding the installation of guards upon your gutter system.

Pests Will Not Harbor Themselves In Your Gutters

Gutter guards protect your gutter system from becoming a habitat for pests living in your area. Many insects congregate in areas where excessive moisture is present. Because gutters hold water, they are prime areas for insects to frequent. With the addition of gutter guards, there is less chance of an insect invasion in this part of your home. In addition to insects, small animals like squirrels, chipmunks, and birds often use uncovered gutters to collect debris from nests or to search for insects for food. To keep these animals away from your rooftop and gutter system, add guards so gutters are not accessible at all.

Debris Accumulation Is Minimized With Guards In Place

When you install gutter guards on your gutter system, you protect the interiors of your gutters from the accumulation of debris. Twigs, branches, leaves, and dirt all end up in gutter systems without covers in place. This debris can cause water to become blocked in a gutter system. When this happens, moisture will eventually spill over the tops of gutters if debris is not removed in a timely manner. This can cause damage to the siding, shingles, and foundation of a home. To reduce this type of scenario from occurring, add gutter guards to your gutter system as a way to keep water flow from stopping due to obstructions.

Guards Help To Keep Your Home's Appearance Favorable

There are many colors of gutter guards available to select from if you are in the market to add this feature to your own home. You can match the guards to the color of your gutters for a trim appearance, or select a contrasting color if you wish to give your home a bit of character. When guards are installed, they help to keep your home's appearance neat and trim. Since debris is unable to poke up from within a gutter, your home's look is always polished when gutter guards have been successfully placed over your gutter system pieces.   

For more information about gutter guards, contact a local company. 


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