making your house a home

making your house a home

Reasons To Use Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring In Your House

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There are some areas of your home that may experience substantial amounts of foot traffic,  such as the entry area, living spaces, and work spaces. This could gradually degrade the flooring that is in the area. As a result, you may want to choose a floor solution that will be well-suited to these areas. Luxury vinyl plank can be one of the best options for flooring in these areas of the home.

Scratch Resistant

The entrance area of your home can be especially vulnerable to suffering floor scratches. One cause of these scratches could be small pebbles getting stuck in a person's shoes, which could leave deep scratches in the flooring. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be far less vulnerable to developing scratches than traditional hardwood flooring systems. As a result, these floors can be far less likely to develop noticeable scratches despite the amount of foot traffic that will occur from people leaving and entering the home.

Less Vulnerable To Water Damage

Water damage can be another major threat to your flooring. Individuals might think that their home will have to suffer substantial flooding for enough water damage to occur to cause problems for the flooring, but it is possible for hardwood flooring to develop black spots and other discolorations as a result of moisture exposure. An additional complication that can arise from this type of exposure may also be the floor planks buckling due to them swelling as a result of the moisture that they absorb. Luxury vinyl plank flooring solutions can be extremely resistant to water damage as vinyl will be far less likely to absorb moisture as it lacks the pores that traditional wood has. Furthermore, it will not rot as a result of moisture exposure, which can eliminate another common type of damage that moisture exposure will be able to cause.

Highly Customizable

Luxury vinyl plank can be one of the most versatile flooring options when it comes to the design options that will be available to you. Luxury vinyl plank flooring can be made to resemble most natural materials, and it can also come in a range of different colors. For those that have especially unique needs for their flooring, it is possible to have the luxury vinyl plank flooring fully customized. This can make it possible to find the perfect flooring option for your room's interior design choice. However, the creation of custom luxury vinyl plank flooring can take several weeks or longer, which you may want to consider when making a choice.

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