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making your house a home

Guide For Homeowners Completing A Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project

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You can dramatically make over a kitchen by refacing all of the cabinets, which basically involves swapping out the old cabinet doors. You can be proud of this renovation in your own kitchen if you rely on this guide.

Find Aesthetics You Would be Proud to Show Off

A major aspect of completing a kitchen cabinet reface is choosing new cabinet doors that have the right aesthetics that you'll appreciate long-term. Then in your eyes, this renovation will have been worth the effort and costs that went into it.

Look at various cabinet door styles online and then assess some in person, so that you have enough examples to really figure out what new cabinet doors are going to have the biggest impact on your home's kitchen from a visual standpoint. You can play with kitchen elements that already exist or go in a completely different direction with cabinet door style. 

Make Sure Replacement Doors Will Fit

After you find a cabinet door style you like and purchase replacements when completing cabinet refacing, you want to make sure they can fit over the existing frameworks. Then you won't have to make any adjustments with the replacement doors or deal with a drawn-out renovation.

You'll just need to gather measurements of the cabinets you're replacing the doors on. As long as you're accurate, it's going to be pretty easy to get replacement cabinet doors that are perfectly sized to go where they need to be without a struggle. 

Hire a Contractor if Inexperienced

If you don't have a lot of experience with home renovation, then you probably don't want to attempt to swap out the cabinet doors in your kitchen because you could hurt yourself or cause damage to the cabinet's frames. A better option would be to hire a professional kitchen contractor.

They can easily remove the cabinet doors in your kitchen and then get the replacements set up in no time. The new doors will fit existing frames great and the contractor will make sure they don't have any movement issues either after this reface is complete. You'll then have essentially brand-new cabinets to enjoy going forward. 

When you complete a kitchen cabinet refacing project, you're changing out the doors and this can have a lot of different benefits. If you take your time with this renovation and think about how to succeed from beginning to end, your effort will bring forth beautiful cabinets that look pretty much brand new from the store. 

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