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making your house a home

Replacing Windows? 3 Things You Need To Know

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Replacing your windows is a good bet if they are old, worn out, or just not energy efficient enough for your needs. New windows also significantly impact your home's appearance and are a fantastic way to improve curb appeal. There are many options to consider for replacement windows, and finding the right fit for your home can be challenging at times. Here are three things to keep in mind when replacing your home's windows. 

What Looks Good

While appearance isn't everything, it's possible to find replacement windows that look good while meeting all of your other needs. Familiarizing yourself with replacement window options and determining what styles and materials best suit your home is a great place to start. Replacement window styles range from single or double-hung options to bay and picture windows. Popular materials for window frames include wood, vinyl, and composite. There are also many options to consider when it comes to glass for your replacement windows. 

How Much You Can Spend

Another thing you need to know is how much you can spend on your replacement windows installation. There are replacement windows out there for nearly any budget, but it's important to remember that this is an investment in your home. You want to select high-quality windows that will stand the test of time. Factors that impact the cost include window type and size, how many windows you want to replace, and labor rates. Per window, your costs will typically range between $200 and $1,200. Before committing to window replacement, set a budget and stick to it as best as possible. 

You Don't Have To Do It All At Once

When it comes to replacement windows installation, tackling it in stages isn't uncommon as this may work best for your needs. For example, many homeowners will replace their front windows with the back and upstairs windows later. Installing replacement windows in stages can make budgeting and dealing with the installation process more manageable. However, if you want to get all of the work over with at once, you can replace all of your home's windows at the same time.

If you are thinking about putting in new windows throughout your home, here's what you need to know. First, you'll want to look into your options and consider what type of replacement windows best suit your home. Second, knowing what you can spend on window replacement is vital. Finally, don't feel pressured to replace all of your windows at one time since it's common to tackle window replacement in stages. 

For more information on replacement windows, contact a professional in your area.


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