making your house a home

making your house a home

Considering A New House Build? How To Bring Your Dream To Life

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If you have bought property with the intent to build, then now may be the time to bring your ideas to fruition. It starts with sitting down with a designer and builder who can make your dreams a reality. Here are some things to plan for or consider in advance before meeting up and putting together your house plans.

Cost and Budget

At the forefront of your new home build should be the overall cost of the project. What can you afford? This will give you a solid perspective on how much of a loan you will need to satisfy the entire project and any surprises that may pop up along the way. Your contractor or project manager will go over a variety of existing house plans to get started. From there, you can add or subtract things you don't like to create a design that is unique to you. This is a good time to get the exact cost and budget of the project into a clearer perspective and make sure financing is approved for your loan. 


Part of the overall cost estimate for your home plans will be selecting a specific home style. Some builders specialize in certain styles, while others can accommodate across the board. What look are you after? What floor plan will fit your family's needs? Popular design style builds include:

  • Farmhouse
  • French Country
  • Bungalow
  • Log Cabin

While these are just a small sample of popular home types, choose one within your style needs and overall budget. Your contractor or designer will determine any specialized lumber or material that will need to be ordered to complete the project. This also plays a part in determining the final costs. 


When building a brand-new house, consider what size will work for your family and lifestyle. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall living spaces will suit your lifestyle comfortably? The contractor will estimate the total build costs with your home plans based on your needs to determine the final square footage. Will there be a basement or garage added to the property? This may increase overall square footage as well.

Special Features

Are there some things that you can't live without? Maybe it's a walk-in shower or a sunroom? A long hallway with a half-bath and attached laundry room may be on your must-have list. Do you want your home to have any solar panels or be eco-friendly? Request another estimate with some of these extras added to it. You'd be surprised to know it may be closer to your budget than you realize.  

Taking all things into consideration is important when determining what the final costs are and how you can meet your move-in date goals. It's time to chat with a contractor and go over everything you're looking for in a new house build. Before you know it, all the pieces will come together. This will ensure nothing gets left out and you have a beautiful home that fulfills you for years to come. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Nelson Design Group.


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