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Questions To Ask Your Lawn Treatment Service

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Lawn treatments include tasks like fertilizing, weed prevention, and pest control. Having the right treatments done improves the health of your lawn and makes it much easier to maintain. The following can help you get the right treatments for your landscaping.

What Pests Does the Service Treat?

In some areas, it is necessary to treat for certain lawn pests, such as grubs. It helps to know what types of pests are most likely to cause problems in your area and then choose a service that provides treatments for those specific pests. Avoid generalized pest treatments, as these likely won't address the specific types of pests you should be most concerned about. An integrated treatment service is preferred. They will use both pesticides as well as cultural care to make your lawn inhospitable to pests.  

How Often Are Treatments Provided?

Frequency depends on the type of treatment. Weed treatments are generally performed in late winter, when pre-emergent herbicides are used, and then at monthly intervals in summer to treat broadleaf weeds. Lawn fertilization is typically done on a six-week schedule, but if there are soil nutrient issues in your landscaping, you may need more frequent applications. The best lawn service will create a personalized treatment plan specifically for your lawn. Avoid generalized schedules, as these can lead to over or under-treatment that won't match your lawn's needs. 

Are Services Separate or Integrated?

Some services are integrated with other lawn care needs. For example, you may be able to get a package deal that provides both lawn treatments like fertilization as well as lawn care such as regular mowing or trimming. Inquire what services can be integrated into a single package. You may also be able to save some money if you combine fertilizer and weed treatments so that they are applied at the same time.

Does the Service Provide Soil Testing?

Soil testing is an important aspect of lawn fertilization, so it's worth choosing a treatment service that provides testing. A soil test provides an accurate nutrient profile for your lawn. The service can then adjust the treatment so that it provides more of the nutrients that your lawn is lacking and less of those that are abundant. The result is less nutrient runoff and a healthier lawn. Further, it helps you avoid over-fertilization issues. For example, too much nitrogen can burn your grass and cause increased weed growth. 

Contact a lawn treatment service to learn more about the options available. 


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