making your house a home

making your house a home

Insight To Keep Your Home Safe With The Right Door Locks

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You may not consider how important your home's door locks are until your home has been entered by a burglar. Take some time and update your home security with door lock maintenance and improvements where they are needed. Here are some recommendations that you can use to make your home more secure and protected with the right door locks.

Maintain Your Door Locks

The locks on your home's exterior doors are a big part of your home's security. For this reason, it is important that you keep them working in great condition and maintained so they continue to protect your home against unwanted intruders. If your home has older locks that have not been changed out in many years, especially if you have recently purchased the home from a previous owner, you should change out the locks. 

By changing out your home's locks you can update them to use one master key and also update the lock to an electronic key panel to help you with home security. A locksmith can switch out your home's old locks with updated electronic and smart locks. If you have a keyed lock, they can change the locking mechanism and update the tumblers to a new key and make obsolete any existing keys that may still exist. You don't have to worry about a previous homeowner having a key to your home.

With a keyed lock, it is also a good idea to clean the lock tumbler barrel and internal components. A professional locksmith can lubricate the interior of the lock with the right cleaners and graphite spray to free up any sticking components inside your lock. A lock that is dirty from dust and debris can eventually cause your key to jam inside, requiring you to hire an emergency locksmith service. It is better to keep your door locks working with regular cleaning and maintenance than to put yourself in a pinch and need emergency assistance to get into your home.

Update Your Door Security

As a minimum requirement, your door's exterior locks should include a deadbolt that you can slide closed to secure your home from break-ins. The type of deadbolt and the hardware on your door frame panel can also make a big difference in the protection of your home. Look to update your door with a metal four-screw strike plate with longer length screws and a deadbolt, especially when your home's exterior door frame is wood. 

Update your exterior doors to a metal door to keep it more secure against a break-in. Also, consider adding a deadbolt to your home's garage door, as the garage door is a more common mode of entry by a burglar. Contact a company, such as Bob's Lock & Key, for more information. 


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