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Beauty Of A Limestone Fireplace Surround

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Fireplaces are treasured installations. They can transform a plain room with architectural interest. Meanwhile, they convey a cozy, homey ambience. When you have a new fireplace installed, you have several selections to make. One of them is for the façade — the fireplace surround.

Limestone is an ideal material for a fireplace surround. Limestone is considered a sophisticated stone that will imbue your room with a sense of elegance. Find out all about a limestone fireplace surround.

Basics of Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary stone, which gives it the attributes characteristic of other sedimentary rocks. It's a porous rock, so fabricators can easily carve it into shapes or work with the surface to give your surround a distinctive appearance. As part of the sedimentation process, small creatures may have gotten trapped in the rock. So people often find fossils in limestone, which adds a touch of whimsy.

Colors of Limestone

Limestone doesn't come in the same extremes of color as some other types of stone, such as granite. However, it's a beautiful stone that comes in ranges of yellow, beige, and cream. You also find white, gray, and blue limestone. Typically, though, the limestone contractors use for fireplace surrounds features warm undertones, which the surround transfers to the rest of your room.

Laying Patterns for Limestone

As noted, limestone is a relatively soft rock. Therefore, fabricators can cut it into almost any shape. For fireplaces, you see everything from formal to rustic cuts. For example, fabricators can cut the stone to resemble bricks, which masons then lay in any brick pattern you choose. Conversely, the fabricators can cut it with rough edges and surfaces, which masons lay in a scattered pattern.

Fireplace Surround in Limestone

Though limestone is usually warm, you'll still have to choose if you want warm or cool undertones for your fireplace surround. Cool-hued limestone often features more variation of color. Next, you can customize the surround so it matches your décor style. For instance, you can keep it regular in shape, extend it up, or even have an entire limestone wall installed for the firebox.

Mantel and Hearth for a Limestone Fireplace

You don't necessarily need a mantel and hearth, though they do add more design opportunities. You can choose both in limestone. A carved limestone mantel is elegant. That said, designers often use a contrasting material for visual interest. For example, you could pair a light limestone façade with a dark stone hearth. You could also incorporate a carved wood mantel for added décor value.

As you design your fireplace installation, consider limestone as a prime material for the surround.

To learn more, contact a limestone supplier.


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