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How To Clean And Maintain Copper Sinks

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If you're building or remodeling your home have an eclectic decor style, consider installing copper sinks. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they're also highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. 

You can put copper sinks in either a kitchen or bathroom as a casually elegant touch. More striking than their common porcelain or even stainless steel counterparts, copper sinks will most likely become the focal point of any room they're in.

The sinks are very customizable in that they come in a variety of looks, such as square, rectangular, and circular shapes. You can also choose a deep, farmhouse-style copper sink for your kitchen. As an artistic touch, pick a sink make of hand-hammered copper.

Besides being long-lasting, copper is also naturally mold, mildew- and bacteria-resistant, making it the ideal sink material. Copper is highly stain-resistant, although it is subject to darkening or turning green if it reacts with certain substances. To stop this from happening, it's important to seal your copper sink either before or after installation.

Here are some additional tips for cleaning and maintaining a copper sink.

Daily Basis 

As with any type of sink, it's best to at least wipe your sink down after a day of use, especially if you've used it for food preparation. To sanitize a kitchen sink after cooking, simply wipe it down with a bit of mild dish detergent and a soft cloth, and then rinse clean with warm water. 

Since acidic substances, such as vinegar, tomato products, and citrus juice, can discolor the copper finish, rinse them off as soon as possible. Then wipe the sink clean with a soapy sponge to remove any residue and rinse again. 

It's also important to dry a wet copper sink with a soft towel after each use, rather than allowing the moisture to sit on it for an extended period of time. The minerals in hard water can cause unsightly spots, or even turn the copper green after a while. 

Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners or products, such as steel wool, bleach, or ammonia, on the sinks. Since copper is known to be antibacterial, there's no need for strong, toxic cleaners. 

Monthly Basis 

Depending on how much use your sink gets, you may need to reapply a wax sealant every once in a while to keep the copper shiny and looking its best. You can apply a wax made especially for use on copper, or a natural product such as carnauba wax. 

If you want to remove the copper's patina, use a specialized copper-cleaning product made for that purpose. 


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