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making your house a home

Window Treatment Staging When Selling A Home

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Selling a home comes with a lot of questions. One of the most common questions has to do with window treatments. When sellers leave their home, they often take with them things like custom drapery. If there are blinds, they're often cracked or damaged and need to be replaced. So what should you do with the windows when you're staging the property for sale?

Opening Up the Windows to Light

First thing's first: it's better to have the window entirely empty than to have a dirty, dusty, or heavy window treatment on it. Most buyers want to see the house filled with light, and they will notice if that light is being blocked off. So if there are already heavier window treatments on, such as blackout drapes, they're going to need to be removed. Having no window treatments at all is better than having broken window treatments, because a broken window treatment will make buyers look for other things that could be broken.

Try Some Sheer Curtains

Sheer, custom-cut curtains are often the best bet for home staging. They let light in while not making the room look sparse. Just taking the treatments off altogether can make a room look unfinished. Replacing the treatments with something heavy is going to bog the room down and make it feel smaller. Sheer curtains will flutter in the wind, disperse the light, and call attention to the windows without being overwhelming.

Consider Custom Blinds

Custom blinds add value to a home. As a home buyer looks through a property, they are going to be thinking of the cost of creating new window treatments. Custom blinds aren't altogether that expensive, but they do require precision and labor. Further, custom blinds can be drawn up all the way to showcase large windows and bright lighting, or they can be drawn down to show buyers that they're brand new and custom cut. 

Place Rods If Not Curtains

If you don't want to place curtains at all, you may want to at least consider placing curtain rods. The right curtain rod can give a lot of flair to a room without blocking off any light. Further, curtain rods are pretty cheap, and they can be installed within a few minutes.

Windows are more important than many people think when selling a home. They're one of the main things that buyers will look at. If you're selling your property (or staging one for sale), it may be worth it to invest in window treatment design services first. 


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