making your house a home

making your house a home

Attractive Low-Maintenance Options To Update Your Backyard

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Your backyard provides you with an outdoor space to relax and enjoy during the warmer months, which you can build to suit your taste with outdoor seating and vegetation. Here are some ideas to add to your home and backyard to increase its appearance and reduce its maintenance for you to enjoy your time in your backyard.

Install a Composite Deck

When you want to spend time in your backyard hosting backyard cookouts and other parties, an attractive wood deck can provide a great gathering place. But when installing a deck made of wood, the wood can require regular maintenance to stain and protect the wood from the sun and weather. And if you paint your deck, the paint will need to also be reapplied when it begins to peel and crack off. Any exposed wood will damage the wood and can lead to its breaking down.

Installing a deck made of composite wood gives you the look of solid wood lumber, but because it is made of a combination of wood fiber shavings with plastic components, it stands up under the test of time and weather. You don't ever have to reapply a protective coating to your composite decking, as it is a durable and solid material.

During regular use of your composite deck, you will occasionally need to wash and clean its surface with soap, water, and a scrub brush. You should also keep your composite decking free of debris with regular sweeping, especially debris that may fall between the composite lumber slats.

Add Automatic Yard Irrigation

A drip irrigation system installed in your yard's landscaping will help you not only cut down on your yard's water use with less evaporation and more water delivered to the roots but will also make your yard look better while requiring less maintenance. A drip irrigation system delivers water right to the root of your vegetation plants to make your plants healthier and help reduce weed growth to keep your landscaped areas more attractive. And you don't have to spend as much time pulling weed growth.

Also, adding an automatic sprinkler system to water your lawn will keep your lawn lush and green by watering it while you are asleep in the early morning hours when it is recommended to water your lawn. Being able to water your lawn before dawn reduces water loss to evaporation and wind. Watering at this time also prevents fungus growth from excess moisture in your lawn, as the sun dries the excess water from your lawn in the morning.


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