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Clean And Prepare A Patio For Dining And Entertainment

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The concrete patio that is attached to your Italian restaurant is an extension of your business that could prove to be profitable if you choose to use it as an outdoor dining and entertainment area this spring and summer. The tips below will assist with cleaning the patio and preparing it for outdoor activities. 

Clean The Patio And Install An Awning And Foliage

Purchase a liquid concrete cleanser and mix it with water, according to the steps that are printed on the cleanser bottle's packaging. Use a non-abrasive sponge mop to spread the solution across the patio's surface. Use water to rinse the cleanser from the concrete.

Buy a retractable awning and have it installed along the side of the restaurant, directly next to the patio. A retractable awning can be opened and extended on hot, sunny days so that customers are provided with shade and can enjoy a comfortable temperature while they are eating. If the patio area lacks plants and trees, purchase some potted foliage and place the pots along the edges of the concrete. 

Add Furnishings And Themed Decor

If you would like to provide the outdoor area with a setting that is reminiscent of an italian bistro, checkered tablecloths and dark red or black dinnerware sets can be used when preparing each table that people will be seated at.

Waterproof table sets that have matching chairs will be easy to clean and will not disrupt the flow of the setting that you are trying to create. Hang themed decor, including an italian flag or banner, from the railing that surrounds the patio. 

Prepare An Activity List

People who appreciate learning about culture or who like being entertained while dining may be intrigued if you include activities on specific days. Perhaps, you could hire a local performer who enjoys playing popular italian songs on an instrument or a vocalist who is educated about Italy and would like to share their fondness of the country by singing some unique songs that they wrote specifically for this cause.

After choosing who will be performing, list the entertainment activities on a dry erase board that is secured to a stand. Set the board outdoors, near the edge of the patio. As each customer arrives for their outdoor dining experience, they can read what has been written on the board.

If customers are interested in the entertainers, they will be likely to attend the performances or tell their friends and family members about the upcoming events so that they are encouraged to stop by the outdoor dining area. 


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