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2 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your High-Quality Hand-Blown Wine Glasses

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As a connoisseur of fine wine, you may have purchased a set of high-quality, hand-blown glasses from which to enjoy it. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while cleaning them to keep from dulling the glass or adversely affecting the taste of your wine.

Neglecting to Rinse the Glasses Immediately after Use

After enjoying a glass of wine either with or after your evening meal, you may be tempted to leave the cleanup until the next day. However, even if you leave the plates and pans until a later time, do not make the mistake of neglecting to at least rinse the wine glasses after you are finished with your beverage.

If you do not rinse your glasses immediately after using them, the small amount of leftover wine could damage the finish. Since wine is slightly acidic, it can start to break down the surface of the hand-blown glass and leaving the finish dull, especially if this is done repeatedly. The wine can also slightly stain the glass, making it difficult to make it shiny again.

Make it a point to rinse your glasses with warm water once you are finished with them. Do not use hot water, however, since the heat could set any stains, as well as increase the risk of breaking the fine glass.

Washing the Glasses with Dish Soap

When you are ready to wash your wine glasses, do not make the mistake of washing them in the same dishwater as your other dishes. While regular dish soap does not damage the glass, the soapy residue left behind can affect the taste of the next wine you try to avoid.

Instead of using dish soap, swirl white distilled vinegar in the glass, using the same action as you would when allowing your wine to breathe. Then, use a cotton or linen cloth dampened with the vinegar to wipe the outside of the glass clean. Do not use terry cloth to clean the glass, as the fibers could scratch it.

Once you have cleaned the wine glasses, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Use a clean, dry linen cloth to dry and buff the glass, giving you a sparkling finish and making them ready for your next glass of wine.

Avoiding the mistakes above while cleaning your high-quality wine glasses can ensure you have a clear, shiny vessel to display and enjoy your favorite wines. For more information on how to clean and care for your Simon Pearce glassware, either contact the manufacturer or speak with the representative of the business from which you purchased it.


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