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Fridge Repair Tips For Energy Efficiency

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The average home spends hundreds or thousands every year on energy costs. Utilities can quickly take up a significant portion of most homes' expenses. How can you save money on expensive energy bills? Well, because a fridge is an important kitchen appliance in your home, here are some useful fridge repair tips that will help cut down your utility bills by using less energy with this appliance.

Replace the Rubber Door Seal

Your fridge may be consuming a lot of energy because the rubber door seal lets cool air seep out making the refrigerator work harder than it needs to. It is common for gaskets to loosen and tear within a few years, but most people overlook this part during routine maintenance.

Fridge repair pros recommend cleaning the door seals at least twice a year. However, if the door seals are weak, consider replacing them. Fortunately, this procedure is quite simple.

Clean the Condenser Coils

If your fridge is constantly running or doesn't cool at all, then it may have dirty condenser coils. They are located under the refrigerator and dissipate heat from it as the refrigerant passes through them.

When the condenser coils are covered with debris, the fridge will continuously run to cool down and this, in turn, means higher energy bills. Periodically, at least twice a year, remove dust from the condenser coils.

Replace the Light Switch

If you suspect that your refrigerator light stays on even after you close the door, then it's time to replace it. If the light bulb stays on, it will warm the interior cutting down its efficiency. If you are good with simple repairs, then this is a task

you can handle quite easily. Unplug the unit before beginning.

Manual-Defrost Refrigerator

If you have a manual-defrost refrigerator, maintain a routine of defrosting for energy efficiency. Remove food from the fridge, unplug the unit and allow the frost to melt before turning it back on.

Self-defrosting refrigerators are however easier to handle because you do not have to do anything. It heats up the cooling coil at least every six hours to melt any frost accumulation.

Replace a Defective Defrost Heater and Timer

It may be time to replace your defrost heater or timer if the refrigerator doesn't melt the ice automatically. When ice remains on the tubing, it restricts airflow increasing money spent on utilities. It is easy to replace a defective defrost heater if you have DIY repair skills and the right tools.

If you have DIY repair skills, then you can test and replace many components of your refrigerator with the right tools. However, some exceptions are best left to sub zero repair services


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