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4 Shower Upgrades Ideal for Long Shower Sessions

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For many people, taking a shower is not just about getting clean. Showers can create a way to relax and enjoy the warmth of water. If you enjoy taking long showers that extend beyond ten minutes or more, then there are a number of features that you can upgrade to help enhance the experience. The following four upgrades can create an even better shower experience for those long sessions and allow you to look forward to each time you shower. By working with various contractors, you can easily have these upgrades installed and ready to go in your home's bathroom.

Shower Vents

When running the shower for long periods of time, you are releasing a lot of condensation and steam into the room. Help eliminate mirror and glass fog with the installation of an exhaust vent with a fan over the shower area. While taking a shower, you can run the fan to help eliminate extra moisture in the air. This will help keep the humidity down in your bathroom and prevent the onset of mold in various areas. Not only can this help you take longer showers without the adverse side effects, but an exhaust vent can also help improve the air quality inside of the bathroom. This allows you to breathe better and have a healthier lifestyle while you're showering.

Glass Shower Doors

Instead of using a shower curtain or other type of enclosure, glass shower doors have several advantages when it comes to enjoying extended showers. A frameless glass shower door can help let more natural light into the shower. This allows you to easily see and maneuver around the shower with plenty of brightness. Glass shower doors can also provide you with quality seals that helps prevent water from escaping outside of the shower area. The floor to ceiling design of the glass enclosure also makes it feel a lot roomier inside the shower area. It eliminates the closed-in feel that can come with curtains.

If you want to enjoy some entertainment while showering, then glass shower doors provide a lot of different options. For example, anti-fogging glass shower doors can allow you to see a mounted television that you have in the bathroom. The crystal clear clarity of the doors makes it easy to watch television programs while taking an extended shower.

Shower Seating

Relax inside of your shower without having to stand the whole time. A shower seat can be installed in the corner of a shower area so that you can easily sit down and let the water flow on you. This is a great way to enjoy the water and mix-up different ways to enjoy a shower. Furthermore, this makes it easier to complete a variety of grooming tasks like shaving or cleaning the bottom of your feet. A shower seat can also feature an area to hold shower supplies. 

Shower Head Designs

Add a variety of shower options by upgrading the shower head you use. A multi-use shower head allows you to change water pressures and increase the variety of water flows you experience within a single shower session. For example, you may purchase a shower head with a strong massaging option along with a light water feature that feels like rain. Wider water options can help spread water to different areas of the shower so you are getting hit by water no matter where you are standing.

A removable sprayer can also help you apply water to different areas and really diversify the way you shower. Some shower heads also feature different lighting features. These novelty lights can change the colored appearance of water as it flows out. This is a fun way to experience different extended showers and enhance your relaxation.

Think about the showers you take now and ways you can enhance them with these various upgrades. It will make it easier to choose the ideal upgrades and have the optimal extended shower experience.


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