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5 Benefits Of Layering A Roman Shade With Traditional Panel Drapes

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If you are looking for a unique, modern look in one of your rooms, you should consider layering traditional panel drapes over a cloth Roman shade. Panel drapes hang down from a bar or rails set above your window and open and close by moving horizontally. Roman shades are cloth drapes that move vertically, similar to Venetian blinds or roller curtains. They can move up evenly, creating a flat horizontal line at the bottom, or they can gather, creating a sweeping, scalloped edge. Mixing these two drapery treatments can give you more control over your room's style and result in a unique, memorable drapery treatment. 

Block Our More Sunlight 

Layering two thick fabrics in opposite directions allows you to block out external light more completely. This can be particularly beneficial in a nursery or in your bedroom if you have trouble sleeping with ambient light. It can also be useful in a media room if you use a projector for watching movies or playing games. If you do not need to completely block out light, you can opt for Roman shades made from a sheer material for a softer look. 

Achieve Visual Texture 

One of the ways for you to achieve visual texture in a room is by layering fabrics. Because Roman shades can be made out of almost any fabric, as can panel drapes, your options for combining the two styles of drapes is nearly endless. Additionally, because the Roman shades can lay flat and the panel drapes hung with more free movement, you can mix busy patterns without worrying about your window looking too overwhelming or chaotic. You would not be able to achieve this by layering two sets of panel drapes.  

Show Off Your Hardware 

You can achieve a similar textured look in your room by installing a valance above your panel drapes or Roman shade. However, the Roman shade combined with panel drapes has the benefit of showing off your hardware. Because the Roman shade is placed behind the panel drapes instead of over them, as a valance is, you can show off unique hardware on your panel drapes. This may include ornate finials. Or, for a truly unique look, you could hang your panels from individual knobs instead of a rod. Because your Roman shade provides privacy and shuts out light, you may not need the extra movement that a rod or rail installation provides. 

You Have Greater Ability to Decrease Glare 

If both your Roman shade and your traditional panels are functional, you have a greater ability to control glare in your room while still allowing ambient light in. For example, you can move your Roman shade down when the light is coming in from the top of your window, or you can move a panel in during other seasons when the light comes in at more of an angle. 

Cordless Options Can Be a Safe Option In Houses With Children 

If you decide to install a Roman shade behind your panel drapes to replace Venetian blinds, you may consider installing a cordless version. Getting rid of excess cords on your drapery treatments not only looks cleaner and neater, but it also reduces the risk of injury to small children and animals that can get caught in low hanging, looped cords in your home. 

Combining Roman shades with traditional panel drapes gives you the ability to increase rich textures in your room and give it the feeling of elegance with a modern twist. Because there are countless fabric and pattern combinations that can look good with this combination, you are more likely to have a unique, memorable window treatment in your home when you combine a Roman shade with panel drapes. For more inspiration and ideas, check out a company like Sylvans & Phillips Drapes and Blinds.


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